Erazor list

The Erazor list.

The ‘Erazor list’ is a list of mass values with an attached name which is compared to the imported mass list (on the ‘Peak list’ page).

The list is sorted into sections depending on the name of the attached names (right-click and you can show it as mass-sorted list).

The names may be up to 20 characters long, but only the first six characters are used for grouping in the peak list. This has the advantage that you may enter different keratins under their respective names, but you turn all keratins on and off in the peak list with a single command.

New values may be added to the list by clicking on the ‘+ Add mass’ button. By default, the currently selected name will be shown in the ‘Name’ field, but you this may be edited. You should start your name with the ‘<’ character.

Selected masses may by deleted by clicking the ‘- Delete mass’ button. Multiple masses may be selected and deleted in a single operation by holding down Ctrl/Shift while selecting mass values.

The ‘Save’ button enables you to save the mass list to a different name so you can operate with multiple mass lists (may be an advantage when multiple users or instruments are using the program).

The peak lists are text files that may be edited with Notepad, but you have to keep the format initially shown in the list.

You can only have six sections in the list (keratin 1; keratin 10; keratin 8 only counts as a single section as their first six characters are identical). The <blank> section is special, as it is reserved for temporary data, see box at right.


The <blank> section of the Erazor list is special as when you generate the ‘average’ of a series of mass lists (see Background) this will be placed in the <blank> section of the current Erazor list. You may also copy a list of mass values from the Peak list into the <blank> section by right-click and select ‘Copy to <blank>’. This can be very useful if you want to compare to a theoretical digest (i.e. to check whether single points deviate more than others.

In both cases you need to save the list in order to keep the changes.

Site last updated: August 20, 2022