Payment terms

Terms of trade for LIGHTHOUSE DATA

Generel information

Engvej 35
5230 Odense M
CVR (VAT) no.: DK 22137158
Telefone: +4560112371
Email: php@bmb.sdu.dk


The prices at LIGHTHOUSE DATA are based on US$ and does not include VAT or import duties. Quotes may be given in other currencies and will be based on US$ calculated using current official exchange rates. Unless otherwise stated, quotes are valid for 30 days. Current prices can be viewed here.


LIGHTHOUSE DATA accepts payments with VISA, VISA Electron, Mastercard, and wire transfer. Payments by credit card will not be drawn on your account prior to shipment/delivery of your goods. Purchase orders have a 30 days payment credit.


LIGHTHOUSE DATA aims at executing the order within two working days. The customer must specify a suitable e-mail address for an electronic delivery. Electronic delivery is in the form of a link to a down-loadable zip file encrypted with a password. Link and password will be sent by e-mail. A license file will also be provided which enables the download and installation of the software directly from http://www.gpmaw.com.

In case of a physical delivery, this will be shipped by first class air mail.

Right of complaint

In case of faults in the software, LIGHTHOUSE DATA will do our utmost to resolve the error within a “reasonable time”, or you may opt to cancel the purchase against a full refund of money. The complaint does not cover wrong handling of the product.

In case of complaint, please contact

Engvej 35
5230 Odense M

Right of withdrawal

There is a 14 day right of return after purchase. In case of a physical delivery, the 14 days count after receival of the media.

Information of withdrawal of the deal shall be given by mail to php@bmb.sdu.dk. In case of withdrawal, all physical media, license files, downloads, and installations shall be deleted upon receival of the repayment.


All rights of digital products belong to LIGHTHOUSE DATA.

Upon purchase you receive a perpetual license to use the product purchased as defined by the end user license agreement (http://www.gpmaw.com/eula).EULA
Personal data

Personal data (name, address, mail etc.) will only be used to ensure the sale and delivery of the product. The data will not be sold or otherwise used for advertising.


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