DBGet Utility


DBGet is a utility included with GPMAW starting from version 9.20. The main reason for changing the download from previous DBIndex was twofold: 1) databases are getting very large, breaking the 2 GB barrier of files that can be accessed on the single byte level on Windows. 2) the IPI databaswes have been discontinued. Teh large database indexing problem has only been solved from DBGet version 1.01 and GPMAW 9.21.

What can you do with DBGet:

  1. Downlaod the entire UniProt and TREMBL databases
  2. Download species-specific sections of UniProt. This can be seen as the replacement for the IPI databases.
  3. Convert the downloaded databases to FastA format.
  4. Index FastA databases for word search in GPMAW. The FastA database to be converted dows not have to be downloaded by DBGet.

for option 1 and 2 you need an Internet connection.

Site last updated: July 21, 2023