Transfer GPMAW

Transfer of GPMAW to a new computer.

May I transfer a copy of GPMAW from one computer to another?

Yes. As long as you only have the number of installations as specified by your license, i.e. a 5-user license allows you to have 5 installations. If an individual user have both a stationary and a laptop (or home and office computer) it counts as a single user, i.e. a single installation.

How do I transfer GPMAW?

If you have the original install CD-ROM, you can just use this for installation on the new computer.

Note: you need to transfer personal files (e.g. sequences, search results etc. manually).

If the original CD-ROM is missing (or you have obtained the license file by mail), you need to locate the license file. This is a small 800 byte large file called ‘GPMAW.LCS’ containing your license in encrypted form. The file has to be located in the same directory as the GPMAW program (gpmaw3.exe), which is usually in ‘C:\Program Files\gpmaw\bin’. Copy the GPMAW.LCS file to a temporary directory on the new computer. Download the relevant install file from http://www.gpmaw.com/html/downloads.html to the same directory. Start the install file and follow directions.

If you are unable to locate the GPMAW.LCS file, you have to get your license number, either from the original invoice, or by opening gpmaw on the old computer, go to Help | About... and from the information dialog you can read the license number. Contact Lighthouse data through the ‘Send mail’ button (or http://www.gpmaw.com/html/lighthouse_data.html), and a replacement file can be shipped.

Note: From the GPMAW About box you can also read the license age (in month-year) which can be used when downloading install files from the download section of gpmaw.com. All licenses have an 18 month free upgrade period. From the download section you can either download full versions or upgrade versions.

Site last updated: August 20, 2022