Installation of GPMAW version 14.02

Released on July 4, 2023. 14.02 on August 17

The following installation files will all install the same version of GPMAW on your system, but due to variations in Windows and access rights of users, a number of different install programs are presented.

Upgrade of GPMAW.
Download for 32-bit Windows. (file name ‘GPupdate32.exe’). Please contact Lighthouse data if you need a 32-bit version of GPMAW version 14.0
Download for installer for 64-bit Windows. (file name ‘GPupdate64.exe’).
This will only install the executable file, help file and documentation. This is the file with the smallest footprint and is recommended for upgrading.
The update can also be downloaded as an MSI file Click for download. Not available yet!

All install systems mentioned below are full installs and need the license key in order to complete installation.
To perform an installation you should download to a temporary directory, and then activate (double-click) the .exe file. When first run by the end-user, you will need to enter the 25 character license key.

32-bit installer (file name ‘GPsetup32.exe’). Please contact Lighthouse data if you need a 32-bit version of GPMAW version 14.0
Standard installer for 32-bit Windows.

64-bit installer (file name ‘GPsetup64.exe’). Click for download.
Standard installer for 64-bit Windows.

If you want to have a look at the full manual, you can find it here.

Changes in v. 14.0

    "Manage modification files" changed for easy copying and rearranging modification files.
    Error in modification 'mass only' fixed.
    Colors for ms/ms annotation can now be edited (System Setup | colors)
    Theoretical/experimental spectrum analysis windows fixed, re-written and expanded.
    Minor errors in Cleavage analysis fixed
    Message dialogs changed
    Setting color in coverage fixed and saved between sessions
    Some buttons and text updated
    MsMs deviation graph x-scale now shows set deviation
    Call File Explorer for User and System directory
    Error message fixed for selecting alternative license file
    Small errors in hilight box fixed
    Chain labeling in multi-chains now up to six characters
    Sequence editor updated
    Multi-chain sequences can now  be re-ordered/split/added.
    Counting underlines in left sequence window panel corrected.
    Multiple sequences can be selected in the Open sequence dialog
    An error in the inline call of GPMAW sequence handling fixed.
    In the ms/ms Fragmentation you can find a new panel
    'Selected' for only reporting selected b and y ions.
    in the sequence tag windows, you can double-click a peak and find m/z distances to other peaks.
    Sequence view window can be called from sequence coverage (ms/ms search) by double-click in the peptide box
    Improved sequence tag handling (long lines).
    Sequence full tag corrected and improved.
    Sequence tag pop-up menu.
    Error in copy de novo sequence corrected
    Mgf files are loaded in background for mgf view

  • Changes in v. 14.01
    • Size limit for copying peptides in peptide list removed.
    • Msms list in fragment window, display and printing problem resolved.

    Changes in v. 14.02

    • Font sizes in various dialogs fixed.
    • Set fixed modification accepts actual position
    • License number accepted without restart.
    • Error in FastA database formatting fixed.

Site last updated: August 17, 2023