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Beta versions of GPMAW represent intermediate stages of the development of the GPMAW program. As such they are not guaranteed to be stable (i.e. you may experience more errors to occur), but on the other hand they should represent improvements in previous versions, both with regard to more functionality and a minimization of errors. However, as new features are included in the program, this sometimes leads to incompatibility in other areas.

If you install a beta version of GPMAW we would like you to report all errors to - remember to include the beta version number reported in the title bar.

License: Beta versions of GPMAW are covered by the standard license. This also means that you must have an 'upgradeable' version (less than 18 month old) in order to make it function.

Installation of beta versions:
The beta versions are not supplied with an installation program unless specified below, and you have to manually to install the program. This is done by replacing the file gpmaw3.exe in the \gpmaw\bin\ directory with the downloaded gpmaw3.exe file.
Note: it is recommended that you make a backup of your old file before overwriting it with the new beta version.
The 'gpmaw' directory is usually located directly in C:\Program Files\, but may alternatively be located in the main C:\ directory.

!!Current beta version is version 12.0b1 - this will likely be the last beta before the release of 12.0

OBS: Due to a change in protocol, the NCBI database access was broken. This should be fixed from version 10.2.9

32-bit upgrade. Use this to upgrade your system on a 32-bit Windows (works on XP, Vista, Win 7 and Win 8). Posted August 1, 2018. This is an installation program that only upgrades the executable file (i.e. no license file).

64-bit upgrade. Use this to upgrade your system on a 64-bit Windows (does not works on XP). Posted August 1, 2018. This is an installation program that only upgrades the executable file. Zipped file of the two install upgrades above. Your IT department may not allow you to download .exe files.


GPMAW3.exe - this is just the executable file without installer (posted 29.08.16). You can use this to replace your existing executable file of the same name for a quick update.

DBGetProj.exe - slightly updated version, now generates index files for large databases.

Install version - this is the complete install of GPMAW, but without the license file (posted 16.07.13). If you are uncertain of upgrading using the executable file alone, this can perform the install. Note: this is a 32-bit install, if it refuses to run on your 64-bit machine, please contact Lighthouse data.

Version info: The current beta includes a number of bug fixes and improvements, see bottom of page. Please report back if you find errors.


Improvements in the handling of ms/ms search results
Improvements in Cleavage analysis
Loading Excel data in Coverage analysis (Utilities | Coverage)


Multimodifications improved
msms search: modifiable cleavages
msms search: automatic file numbering; more options (persistent)
SS disulfide bridges removed from peptide window. Disulfide calculations reworked.
Disulfide linked peptides now showed with up to 2 missed cleavages (only 3 peptides)..
Peptide window re-worked
Mass search reworked. New report function.
Residue surrounds (peptide cleavage menu)
The toolbar of the main, peptide and sequence window now has an option on the Setup | Display page: Persistent Menus - when checked menu information is saved in the Registry, when unchecked the menus positions are not persistent. On some machines checking this options leads to an error when closing the program.
ClustalW font issue
Menu Persistent option in Options | Display
The report in mass search did not always report correct coverage with more than two peptides in a given position.
A new 'fly-by' highlight can be selected in the highlight menu (last option).
Isotopic mass distribution did not include mass of extra atoms (e.g. Fe, Cu etc.). Monoisotopic mass, but not isotopes, are now included.
If Cys is modified and the SS button changed to SH, isotopic distibution was 1 Da off.
An error leading to displaying wrong sequence when searching with a sequence offset corrected.
MALDI de novo option - determining sequences from singly charged (MALDI) ms/ms spectra
Display error in peptide list when displaying more than 1000 peptides

If there are items that either don't work, you would like to see improved or you think is just plain useless, you are welcome to contact
Peter Hjrup at Lighthouse data with you comment and suggestions.


Last updated: 15 November 2018