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Installation of GPMAW version 10.31.

Released on November 27, 2016.

Updated to 10.31 on December 10 due to an error in displaying linked peptides when having missed cleavages.

The following installation files will all install the same version of GPMAW on your system, but due to variations in Windows and access rights of users, a number of different install programs are presented.

Upgrade of GPMAW.
Download for 32-bit Windows. (file name ‘GPupdate32.exe’).
Download for 64-bit Windows. (file name ‘GPupdate64.exe’).
This will only install the executable file, help file and documentation. This is the file with the smallest footprint and is recommended for upgrading..
Note: This is not a complete system and is only useful for upgrading an existing system. If you have problems with the upgrade on a 64-bit system, please contact Lighthouse data.

All install systems mentioned below are full installs and need the license file (gpmaw.lcs) in order to complete installation.
To perform an installation you should download to a temporary directory, copy your license file (‘gpmaw.lcs’) to the same directory, and then activate (double-click) the .exe file.

32-bit installer (file name ‘GPsetup32.exe’). Click for download.
Standard installer for 32-bit Windows. You need to include ‘gpmaw.lcs’ file in the same directory as the setup file in order to get a working system.

64-bit installer (file name ‘GPsetup64.exe’). Click for download.
Standard installer for 64-bit Windows. You need to include ‘gpmaw.lcs’ file in the same directory as the setup file in order to get a working system.

If you want to have a look at the full manual, you can find it here.

New and changed features in version 10.30 / 10.31.

This release was primarily caused by NBCI changing their Internet protocol, making it inaccessible from GPMAW. This has been fixed, and a number of other improvements are detailed below (see also on-line help for more details):

  • UPDATED 22/1: dll files for fixing problems in ssl protocol for NCBI access included in setup.
  • Cleavage analysis frames modified residues, pop-up menu copy peptide details, display extended
  • msms Search includes 'Display fragment intensities' in spectrum (check-box).
  • The ability to handle larger number of disulfide bridged peptides (40)
  • Report of all mass values in Edit Mass dialog.
  • DoubleClick "Select all" to select and open in a single operation.
  • Find isotopic mass values
  • Floating peptide info window - accessed through new button in the local toolbar.
  • Cross-linking now has the option of adding Ser and has a report function
  • NCBI changed their access protocol, this broke GPMAW sequence retrieval - fixed. UniProt retrieval updated to include more accession numbers..
  • Small changes to sequence retrieval
  • Minor issues in mass edit has been fixed..

Site last updated: January 22, 2017

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