Installing v14

You install v.14 of GPMAW by executing the GPsetup64.exe. This is a 64-bit version of GPMAW, if you need a 32-bit please contack Lighthouse data.

Remember, the installation requires administration level credentials!

The installation takes place through standard wizard-like interface where you just ‘follow orders’. This will install the GPMAW executable, gpmaw3.exe, in C:\Program Files\gpmaw\bin along with a number of auxillary programs and files (e.g. BLAST, ClustalW, X!Tandem) each in their subdirectory. It is also possible to the installer in silent mode, specific directory etc. Please see in-line parameters on this page.

Once installed, the end-user can start the program and will be greeted by the following dialog:



The license key is entered (pasted) into the top edit box and is a 25 character key of upper case letters and numbers in the format ABCDE-FGHIJ-KLMNO-12345-67890. This key should have been received with the order of GPMAW license.

If you do not enter the key, you may enter a temporary password you have received from Lighthouse data, these keys are usually valid for a month, but give access to the full functionality.

If you have a license file (gpmaw.lcs) you can select this through the ‘Locate’ button which opens a File Explorer window and lets you ‘open’ the file.

Upon entering the license key, a directory ‘gpmaw’ is created in the users Documents and a number of user files are generated in the ‘system’ subdirectory (C:\<username>\Documents\gpmaw\system), mainly mass files (.mss) and modification files (.mod). A couple of example files are created in the ‘user’ subdirectory (the default location for user defined files like protein sequences). Finally the program INI file is saved in the gpmaw directory - this file contains all the user defined settings of GPMAW.

If you need to enter a new license key in an existing GPMAW, this dialog box can be found in the main menu: System|Reset system parameters -> Reset license key.

Site last updated: July 21, 2023